IPO Ravi Barot is FinTech Platform. We give updates about IPOs and buybacks. IPO Ravi Barot is an independent news & research company that forecasts the performance of an IPO on opening day. We poll the market to get opinions about how the IPO may fare during the first day of public trading.

We have been a pioneer of business databases and equity markets journals in India. Our clients and financial partners have been successful at accessing and participating in IPOs via our network.

Investing as everyday individuals such as ourselves is frustrating, deceptively so, thanks in part to institutional investors like banks and hedge funds dominating, an overpowering administrative burden, and lack of opportunities. It is not just the fact that those institutions have better data, or earlier access to IPOs and offerings, or that they have greater exposure across European markets. It is that they are doing it with our money. Essentially, the status quo diminishes our freedom to invest in the places and things that we want, while locking us in with fees and commissions that are too high, eating away at our hard-earned cash. 

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